Imagination Connoisseur, Catalin Kitt, writes in with a friendly critique of everyone’s favorite, fan-centric show about genre entertainment. Do you agree or have some ideas for making the show better? The suggestion box is now open.


For some time now I wanted to write to you regarding some issues with you and the show, so this is it…this is a RMB/ROBSERVATIONS critique. I don’t think is a good idea to read this online or even post it on the website…but I’ll leave it up to you.

As I mentioned before, I’m almost never part of the live shows but every morning I’m having my coffee with you. I love your show; it’s both informative and fun. I love your take on things even when I disagree with you; I love the fact that you are true, humble and simple and also a living walking encyclopedia. Your experience behind the camera gives weight to your opinions and interpretations. I know this all sounds like ass-kissing but is not…it’s only my personal opinion and probably not only mine.

It’s because all of those things I feel some of the issues with the show are hard to ignore. Here is my list:

– I’m pretty sure that you don’t read any comments on your YouTube videos or check your videos after they’re uploaded because a few of them are really bad, like #345 or a few more older ones that suffer from the same problem, the sound is good but the video is slow and not in sink. I don’t know if you made some bad adjustments on your software, your video quality is too high for your bandwidth or just a simple Internet problem, but you should take measures to prevent that from happening. If you don’t know, you should ask some other streamer and I’m sure they would be more than happy to help such a nice guy like you.

– I feel the need to remind you that you are not a Christmas tree and because of that, you don’t need so many colorful lights around you when you stream. All those lights make your face look funny and in not a nice way and in some cases the entire frame becomes to blue or to red…I’m pretty sure this would not fly in any of your movies. Just take a look on some of the shows, especially the ones that have the frame of the wide-angle camera.

– Some time ago you promised that you will reveal your hot toys when you hit 20k subs, yet you don’t seem to make any headway towards that, seems that you just let it go under the radar.

– This one is the last one and probably the most important…I’ve watched your shows almost from the beginning and I can see the mutations and the changes that are constantly take place but I must say that lately those mutations are becoming more like cloning; cloning John Campea’s business plan.

I’m sure that he’s a nice, friendly guy, but his show is a well-oiled, money-making machine. It might be an interesting show, but it’s soulless and septic – a show that is built around gathering money and nothing more. The idea that a show has a few main topics is both hilarious and stupid…a main topic is only one, is the primary idea that an episode is built around, the rest are secondary; but when you ask for money every 10 minutes during the show, you have to give as much incentive as possible.

By the way…did you had to pay 5$ to participate to his 100 million views party? He celebrated the fact that the show is generating more money by asking the people that give money to give even more.

If he could not afford it…he shouldn’t have done it. Anyway…I digress and I don’t want to make this about John’s show, but it was necessary to remind you the direction that you are heading if you continue to borrow ideas from him.

As wolverine said in WOLVERINE ORIGINS …“decent …I’m not really used to that word”, but if we were, the world would be a better place.

Your show is full of decency and you are a decent man…please don’t change!

Best regards,
– CK

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