In 2015, Rob was brought in to work on the Star Trek fan film, PRELUDE TO AXANAR which was widely hailed as a breakthrough in fan films, winning awards throughout the USA and internationally. Rob worked with producer Alec Peters to crowdfund and move a feature-length fan film, AXANAR into production. In 2016, with the presentation of a scene set on the planet VULCAN (from the AXANAR script), which Rob directed, the production team managed to raise over $1,000,000 from fans interested in bringing the feature to the screen.

That was until CBS and Paramount Pictures sued the Peters and the production. The production ground to a halt and Alec, along with Rob and a few others, were left to fight against the Hollywood establishment in an attempt to save their project.

In the time that has elapsed since their settlement with CBS and Paramount in February of 2017, the relationship between Rob and Alec deteriorated to the point where earlier this year, Alec threatened to sue Rob and has continued to make claims publicly about Rob’s involvement in the project and professional ethics related to the dissolution of their working and personal relationships.

Rob provides some long-awaited insights into the whole ordeal and answers questions from fans who want to know more about what happened to AXANAR and what the future might hold.

Best known for FREE ENTERPRISE, starring Emmy winners William Shatner and Eric McCormack, Rob Burnett offers his own unique perspective on the entertainment industry in his daily “Robservations” video blogs.

(Originally aired: December 29, 2018 – 1:47:41)