OG Imagination Connoisseur, Paul in Long Beach, makes a case in defense of LucasFilms president Kathleen Kennedy by reminding us of the dismal state the STAR WARS franchise was in following ROTJ and the prequel trilogy.

Can you say: “Caravan of Courage”?

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I’d like to begin this by wishing Willow the happiest of belated birthdays. You are a gem Miss Yang.
Beyond that allow lme to piggyback on Rob’s statement on the fact that Kathleen Kennedy doesn’t need my defense or Robs. Last week I wrote a missive to my new Padewan, Jason. I attempted to give a history lesson to this gentleman, apparently this history lesson wasn’t actually listened to by some members of the PGS.

Exactly thirty years ago, 1989, Star Wars was dead. As someone whom stated that that they saw the film in the theater my only assumption is that you were aware of this fact. After the “Droids” cartoon and “Caravan of Courage” please explain to me how KK ruined Star Wars. Surely, if that doesn’t convince you, then re-listen to “Disco Star Wars” and explain to me how that was KK’s fault. Now since I’m positive neither of those will convince you how wrong you are then I openly dare every single listener to this podcast, after Robert is finished, look up “Star Wars, Donny and Marie Show” and then look me in the eye and tell me how that abomination is KK’s fault.

The dichotomy of most of these arguments is what fascinates me the most, because intellectually they make no logical sense.

A) If “George Lucas raped your childhood” then KK didn’t ruin Star Wars.
B) If KK ruined SW, then George Lucas didn’t rape your childhood.

Make up your minds people, you can’t have it both ways.

I finished my letter to Jason with an analogy. If you didn’t get it, your loss. Some people will be remembered as Obi-Wan’s, some will be remembered as Anakin’s . With all due respect, in the long run the “Phandom Meneace” will be remembered as Anakin’s just like the “GL raped my childhood” morons are thought of now,, almost twenty years later, as privileged pieces of Gilbert feces.

On a side note, exactly where can I get a “Tears of the Fanboy” coffee cup. I will drink from it with a smile. Then openly mock you because you because you don’t get the joke..

Excuse me for this quick note Rob. Someone had to respond to the idiocy that is being spewed. Fact is, I have Tee Time @ 1030 and as Nancy would say….

“Priorities Bobby……. Priorities!”