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The PGS’s resident film historian, Omar 94, reminds us of some notable anniversaries at the end of November.

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Hi Rob,

There are 2 movie anniversaries which happened this year I forgot to mention, as they were overshadowed by more popular films, so I wanted to give them a highlight now.

In a previous letter, I mentioned Home Alone turning 30 on November 16, 2020, as it came out on November 16, 1990. However, another movie came out on that exact same date, and celebrated its 30th anniversary on November 16. That movie is Rocky 5.

I don’t dislike the film, like many others, but find it just alright, as I found there to be good moments and scenes, like the flashback with Mickey, when Adrian breaks down and tells Rocky he is losing his family, and the final scene between Rocky and his son where he gives his son the gift Mickey gave him in the flashback. I also like the song at the end of the film, Measure Of A Man, which Elton John sang, and Disney’s Alan Menken did the music and co-wrote the lyrics with Tim Rice.

On November 22, I mentioned how that date was the 25th anniversary of Toy Story. However, another movie has an anniversary on November 22, but will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

That film is M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, which came out on November 22, 2000. I liked Sixth Sense, but I actually think Unbreakable is better.

There are problems with it. I felt many scenes were slow when they clearly don’t need to be, like many breaks between sentences and the camera slowly panning from one place to the next in the same scene.

I also thought the ending was lackluster, since it doesn’t really feel like an ending, but more like the end of the second act and you’re waiting for the third act to start, only for the film to end.

Those are the 2 films I wanted to give a highlight for.

– Omar