Space Rob’s Space Force

Be a part of The Burnettwork and RMB’s exclusive “space force” to help test and develop the Space Rob online game!

For just $8 per month, you’ll have a seat at the table as Rob and the game designer/developer Neil Basconcillo work on creating, testing and launching the Space Rob online game. You’ll be able to help beta-test new game modules and contribute your ideas as to how the game should develop – including new adventures, characters and challenges.

It’s a unique opportunity to not only enjoy a fun and whimsical game, but to be part of its growth and development as well.

And, quite frankly, we can’t imagine a finer crew for the adventure. So, thanks in advance for your support.

Benefits include:

  • Free subscription to The Burnettwork Program Guide and e-newsletter
  • Get in on deals and discounts from sponsors of The Burnettwork
  • Receive an “official” PGS membership card and pin
  • Receive new PGS-related graphics for Facebook and Twitter each quarter
  • Be able to contribute topics and themes for upcoming Robservations live streams
  • Gain access to exclusive content on The Burnettwork website
  • Opportunities to help beta-test the new, Space Rob game as new modules are developed
  • Special Space Rob graphics for Facebook and Twitter delivered with each new release
  • This membership is billed monthly at a rate of $5 per month and continues until cancelled

And welcome aboard!