Honorary Gilbaarian

Who doesn’t love Gilbert the Gilbaarian from the Planet Gilbaar?

Whether he’s snacking on cookies in front of RMB’s microphone, barking at bad guys or locked in an eternal battle with his nemesis, SkippyJon Jones, Rob’s canine co-host is hilarious, goofy and quite fuzzy. He’s also a part of what makes The Burnettwork special to the Post-Geek Singularity.

Now you can “be one” with Gilbert by becoming an honorary Gilbaarian. For just $5 a month (that’s less than a proper dog-toy, mind you), you can show your support for The Burnettwork and its cast/crew of pet-crazed humans (and one Gilbaarian).

You’ll also be able to chime in on behind-the-scenes discussions on future topics and events planned for Rob, the Robservations live stream and other projects currently in development for The Burnettwork.

Benefits include:

  • Free subscription to The Burnettwork Program Guide and e-newsletter
  • Get in on deals and discounts from sponsors of The Burnettwork
  • Receive an “official” PGS membership card and pin
  • Receive new PGS-related graphics for Facebook and Twitter each quarter
  • Be able to contribute topics and themes for upcoming Robservations live streams
  • Gain access to exclusive content on The Burnettwork website
  • A “certificate of honorary citizenship” from the Alien Rescue Department of the Planet Gilbaar
  • Exclusive access to a monthly “Dining with Gilbert” video feature with RMB and Gilbert
  • Additional video features of Gilbert and his usual hijinks
  • This membership is billed monthly at a rate of $5 per month and continues until cancelled

Thank you for your support.