Imagination Connoisseur, Steven Ernest, offers up a recommendation to make STAR TREK:PICARD more like Star Trek.

(edited for clarity)

As has been muchly discussed: In the current STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD) series, they are doing many un-Star Trek things. A main one is that the Federation has created a large group of androids, called “synths.” They apparently malfunctioned on Mars and destroyed the starship construction site.

Fourteen years later, Mars’s atmosphere is still on fire, which is scientifically inaccurate, but a nice metaphor.

My alternative idea — though it’s admittedly too late now…

Instead of having the Federation creating these “synths” — which goes against their principles (mainly the idea of slavery since the synths are essentially slaves) – why not have a secret organization or scientist/engineer create them? The same way Dr. Soong created Data and Lor. Or, maybe, a small, secret corporation that ignored regulations (like some current pharmacies) surreptitiously create a virtual “army” of androids.

THEN the Federation/Starfleet has to deal with it.

The Federation wouldn’t have endorsed the creation but would now have to deal with the implications. Are they sentient, a la TNG’s, “Measure of a Man” episode? In that ep, Data was put on trial because an engineer wanted to disassemble him to see how he works, and it had to be shown that Data is in fact a sentient being.

Maybe some various races on different planets begin to accept them! Klingons might. What about the Dominion? The Ferengi probably would.

In the series, for some unexplained reason, they have the Romulans detesting AIs; some people theorize that the Romulans accidentally created the Borg. I’d rather see the Borg have an unknown, mysterious origin — not the Romulans, not V’ger, but that’s just my feeling.

Not everything has to be explained, like how some people like the Joker’s origin to be unknown.

So, both the Federation, and Starfleet has this dilemma, a large dramatic situation, a confrontation on their hands — a big complex “mess” suddenly dropped in their lap. It’s a mess they didn’t create, but are now forced to deal with all the philosophical concomitant implications, etc.

I always enjoy your thoughtful show, Rob – you always give me something to think about. As do the many sharp chatters, and cool Mods.

Please let me know what you think of my idea.

Live long and prosper,
– Steven E.