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Omar 94 writes in with his review of THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, a seven-episode drama currently streaming on Netflix, and gives it a big “thumbs up.”

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Hi Rob,

I’m a little late to the party, but I have a review for the Netflix show, Queen’s Gambit.

I know it came out on October 30, but I finally started watching it on Friday, November 20, and finished it on Thursday, November 26, as I was binge watching another show and wanted to wait until I finished that show first.

Overall, I did like this show. I have never read the book, so I’m not sure of the similarities and differences, but I found the show to be quite good.

Despite the game of chess playing a big role in the story, the character moments and interactions, outside of the game, were the best scenes and moments. That’s not to say the chess scenes were bad, as I thought they were still good, but the stuff outside of chess was better, in my opinion.

All of the acting performances were particularly good. There was not one person whose performance I felt was underwhelming or not that good. All of them were on their A-game.

The production values were also really good. All the set design, hair and makeup, props, and costumes were very well done, and made to be of the time period, which would be the 1960s.

The cinematography was also top notch, as the whole show, from beginning to end, was visually beautiful to watch.
All in all, I did like Queen’s Gambit, and think it is a show others will like.

Thanks, live long and prosper.

– Omar