Imagination Connoisseur, Fabian Lelo, the “Kiwi in Perth”, shares some work resulting from the collaboration of Dutch musician Arjen Anthony Lucassen and actor John DeLancie(“Q” from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION).

Hey Rob,

You mentioned in an earlier podcast about how cool it would be if John De Lancie could return to reprise the omnipotent Q in a future episode of STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD). When you have a chance, check out what De Lancie got involved with lately with Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen.

Arjen happens to be a big sci-fi fan himself who throughout his illustrious career, released two albums under the Star One banner – where each song was inspired by a particular sci-fi movie. For example, you will notice a song in the video titled “Songs from the Ocean” – a song mainly about STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME (ST:IV).

Keep up the fine work.
– Fabian L.
a Kiwi in Perth, Australia

(narrated by John De Lancie)
SONGS OF THE OCEAN, by Arjen Anthony Lucassen
(inspired by STAR TREK: IV – The Voyage Home)