Imagination Connoisseur, Aaron Johnson, writes to tell us that while he has a positive feeling about Lucasfilms president, Kathleen Kennedy, he has problems with where the venerable franchise seems to be headed.

Let us know what you think. What has caused the STAR WARS franchise to lose some of its shine? Is it Kathleen Kennedy’s fault?

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(Letter has been edited for clarity)

Hey Rob,

Love the show and john’s show – this is my first letter : )  This Note is fairly mixed: I have a positive opinion about Kathleen Kennedy, but a fairly honest negative opinion of TLJ (THE LAST JEDI) and SOLO, as well as compliments on earlier films.

Kathleen Kennedy is, by far, a good producer. Sure, there are ups and downs, but at least there are some good things that come out of it with many of these franchises: STAR WARS, INDIANA JONES, BACK TO THE FUTURE and many others – [they] are all terrific.

Ms. Kennedy seems to be very kind to fans when trying to produce a good film (I have to agree). But as a fan, what makes me a little worried (and it isn’t Kennedy’s fault, it’s Rian Johnson’s), that while storytelling in these sequels did have involvement with these new characters, there wasn’t enough of a chance with Luke, Leia and Han in episode 7 …

… Meanwhile, Kennedy – despite these problems – did do a terrific job on much earlier films such as one such film that she produced with Frank Marshall for Columbia Pictures that is still a great film (pre-Night at the Museum), it is called The Indian in the Cupboard. (It’s) a film where a boy named Omri uses a key to open a cupboard and has interactions with his toys, including a cowboy, and a indian.

That film , at least from my standpoint, represents a love of hobbyist virtues where people can interact with their toys for fun, even if you make a short film for fun.

You can thank Kathleen Kennedy for that movie; be grateful for the terrific older movies Kennedy helped to create.

Warm Regards