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The Imagination Connoisseur known as Omar 94 asks if political correctness hasn’t always been an issue when it comes to the movies. Remember the outrage about BASIC INSTINCT and the raised eyebrows about BATMAN RETURNS back in the 90s?

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Hi Rob,

There is so much crap today about political correctness and being woke when it comes to entertainment. I always thought that was just happening with movies now, and older movies are being criticized now, instead of before. However, I realized that wasn’t the case.

I was reading about movies, noticing how in 1992, both BASIC INSTINCT (imdb) and BATMAN RETURNS (imdb) received a lot of controversy. BASIC INSTINCT got backlash because of the violence, sex, and nudity, as well as gay rights activists complaining about the portrayal of LGBT characters.

BATMAN RETURNS got backlash because it was believed the violence and sexual references were deemed inappropriate for kids.

I don’t know why some people refuse to understand movies are fiction and do not represent reality. For example, I understand people found BASIC INSTINCT too violent and had too much sex, but it did have an R rating, so I don’t see why people still complained about it, if the age rating clearly represented what is in the movie.

Thanks, bring on the filthy.

– Omar