Imagination Connoisseur, Mark Churay, writes in with his praise for the film BUBBA HO-TEP, starring Bruce “The Chin” Campbell.

Greetings Rob,

Despite feeling like politics is, and has been, more important to Hollywood than making entertainment as of late, I’m not going there today. Although maybe a debate could be had at another time.

What I wanted to talk about is my love for a film, in the hopes that those who haven’t seen it, will.

What film do I think deserves praise and should be shared with everyone?

Why none other than Don Coscarelli’s masterpiece. Nope, not PHANTASM. The movie in question, BUBBA HO-TEP starring Bruce “The Chin” Campbell, and renowned actor and civil rights hero, Ossie Davis.

The premise is this, A 70 yr old man, believing himself to be Elvis and a black man, believing himself to be John F. Kennedy must defend their nursing home from a cowboy hat wearing, Egyptian mummy that has come to absorb the souls of the residents.

Here’s the kicker, although it has funny moments, I wouldn’t call it a comedy. Despite having moments of tension and a monster, it isn’t a horror film. Nor is it an action flick. What it is, is a film that crosses multiple genres to become one of my favorite cult films ever made. In fact, while it has these moments of comedy and horror, what really struck me was its heart.

I think the film does an incredible job of what it must feel like for an elderly person who has been discarded to a nursing home, stuck witg nothing but thoughts of loved ones, good times and regrets, waiting for the end of this life.

Not enough can be said about Campbell’s performance as The King. I think, to this day, it is his finest, full nuance and pathos. Ossie Davis delicers a great performance giving credibility to a film that otherwise might have none, given its premise.

Holding the film together is a soundtrack by Bryan Tyler. Its not a very long score nor does it have many themes. The musical theme that does thread the film together, shows up at multiple times at very different tempos, doing an excellent job at giving it the proper mood. The theme is pretty bitchin as well.

I won’t say this film is for everybody. I have found that people either love it, or hate it with No middle ground. Either way, I think its definitely worth a watch.

Live Long In Prosper,
– Mark C.