Imagination Connoisseur, “Link the Jedi”, shares some incredible pictures of his favorite Hot Toys from a galaxy, far, far away.

About Huss aka “LinktheJedi”:

Greetings Exalted Ones, my name is Huss aka “LinktheJedi” , I started collecting around 2015 after Hot Toys started making Star Wars 1/6 scale figures. Once I got these figures in, I was in awe of how realistic they looked. That inspired me to take photos and recreate various scenes or coming up with my own visual storytelling shots.

May the force be with you.. Always!

Huss’s Story:

Greetings Exalted One,

I’m a big fan of your channel Rob. Always love listening to your opinions and love your enthusiasm for collecting!

I’m also a big Hot Toys/Sideshow collector. I focus mostly on Star Wars Hot Toy collecting. On my Instagram page I take photos of my Hot Toys and try to create a visual storytelling scene.

Sometimes, I recreate scenes from the movie from a different perspective then we’ve seen it on screen as well. If you ever want to discuss Hot Toys , I’m always down! 

May the Force be with you, Always!

– Greg S.

Editor’s Note: Check out LinktheJedi’s Instagram Page


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