When it comes to verisimilitude in WONDER WOMAN 1984, our friend Vesna just ain’t buyin’ it. She’s convinced Diana Prince had to have more than just Steve Trevor on the mind while he was away for 70 years. Plus more letters from fans …

A myriad of thoughts about livin’ in a multi-verse.

Hello again Rob, and the Post Geek Singularity …

I can’t tell you enough how much your shows over the last few weeks have meant to me. It’s helped a lot. I’ve been recovering after a minor stomach surgery after being in pain a lot and it’s always wonderful to have your show to make my recovery seem easier to deal with, so thanks again.

With that being said. So we’re getting a whole entire multiverse in the MCU and it all seems really exciting. Wandavision will be here soon. Looking forward to that and the upcoming Loki quite a bit.

One depiction of a multi-verse. Which one contains RMB as an action figure is, well, up to speculation.

Many shows have touched on the idea of multiple earths. Sliders did it and I’ve always loved that show. Here is a thought what if someone someone you knew created a way to travel the multiverse of our very own.

It could be quite fascinating really. To think there might be a multiverse out there of our own. Maybe even the post singularity multiverse. If you will. What would that be like?

Mutplie versions of yourself and all of the PGS community, it would be quite nuts. What if we could travel to those multiple earths like through a wormhole or through magical portals? I’d be interested in that possibility myself, would you be? It could be an insane adventure with many possibilities really.

In some other earth we could all be apes for we know, or space marines but would one really know unless we could travel there and find out.

If you could what honestly would you love to see happening on this earth unlike our own? For all we know anyone of us could be something we are not. Even a female. Or we could all speak Klingon for all I know.

Honestly gender swapped versions of ourselves that sounds pretty fun right? Hell I don’t know what I would honestly do if I met myself as a female. Would you?

I just think a multiverse would be quite cool. Me as a female could be interesting. I may have secret proof of this alternate version of myself I would never show. But, I look like the chick from the ring and it’s kinda scary.

I honestly love if there was a version of myself that could be my favorite movie character. It could happen. I’d be like Bruce Willis and my life would be every Die Hard movie. Just think of your alternate earth self was living out the life of your favorite film or tv show character. What might yours even be? Or even for the rest of PGS what film would you live in? Who might you be if you could be your favorite character?

The possibilities are truly endless.

For all we know we could end up in an alternate reality where we all action figures. I’d be cool with that. A 6th scale universe. We’d get to drive our favorite cool toy cars or ships maybe. Maybe be our favorite action figure. What might you be action figure wise? I could be a Gi-Joe and often visit Barbies dream house. Those crazy parties they have could be insane. Life is plastic or die cast metal it would be fantastic right?

Honestly the idea of a cool multiverse where different things like this could happen would be pretty wild. And I was just thinking about what would not be like because we’re getting a multiverse in the MCU so why can’t we have our own multiverse fun. Hell, we could all end up in a musical for all I know.

But, isn’t that the fun of it.

Have a great day Rob hope you enjoy this crazy idea of mine.
-Thomas B..

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Vesna has a bone to pick with Diana (if you get what we mean).

Hello Robert and my fellow PSG community,

I know I haven’t been much active lately, especially on live show, but what can I say. Time difference sucks especially when you have two little furry babies that keep you busy during the whole day, so when I finally put them to sleep, I have to sleep too. If furry ones are making me exhausted, I can only imagine how is it with those without fur..so hats down to the ACE, lovely Elisabeth.

But the enjoyment of the parenthood is not the main topic of this letter, although, it could be.

Now, I know I’m a little bit late with that WW84 wagon because I’ve just managed to see it.

First let me say, it really looks amazing on the big screen, which was the way I saw it, because, luckily (this time) I don’t have HBO max. My impression of the movie is … it was ok. Not nearly as good as the first Wonder Woman, but also not totally as bad as the Birds of Prey.

I have some issues with the main plot like the most of you, so I don’t want to talk about that. I also didn’t see anything related to the 80’s, not even the music (which I hoped). Even the 80’s clothes and hair style was very different than in the movie, and I know, I was a teenager in the 80’s, although in the different country, so either my memory doesn’t serve me well or you, guys, in the US were much more puritan than us in the socialistic country.

And I don’t even want to talk about the stone and the wishing thing.

Was the WW84 romance too much make believe to be believable?

My main issue is with Diana and Steve, and not because of the reason that everybody else think , that swapping body thing, although I will have something to say about that too. So, Diana is, probably thousands years old, and ok, I get that she was a virgin for the most part of her life because she never saw a mail specimen before the World War One (that surely was very boring thing so I’m not surprised that she wanted to cheat on that competition. I mean, what else she can do?), so that’s why I bought her admiration with Steve in the first movie. Well, he is Chris Pine and he is also Steve . Remember, it’s very important to be named Steve in the comic book. Imagine if he would be named Tom? He could never get the girl.

But let’s get back to the topic of this letter.

Steve has been gone for 70 years and she hes never returned to live back in Themyscira. (I wonder why.. wink wink), so for 70 years she’s been living in the most crowded part of the world, with lot’s of men , and she has never even been slightly interested in any of them?

Yeah, right! Ok, ok, I know he is her first, but he is not the last and definitely not the only… because, call it how ever you want, but during the whole movie she’s been sleeping, well not actually sleeping, but been very ..hmm.. active with other man. Some people would say, well, she wasn’t actually sleeping with that guy. In her eyes that was Steve.

Well, the saying that all dicks are the same, has some very peculiar interpretation here. I can only imagine the explanation that that poor dude gave to his girlfriend. “It wasn’t me, it was just my body” and let’s see how that would work .So, she was with Steve for maybe couple of months, during the war.. In the battle. Surrounded by many other people, mostly men.. and her first wish, after 70 years was “I want Steve back.” That would be something that men think that we think.. to only be with our first love.. after 70 years. And imagine my surprise when I saw that Patty Jenkins was one of the screenwrites.

Well, Patty, you should know better.

Wishing for better shoes , or hair, or bag was is the first thing on our mind.. or to see some hot dude , that was just passing by, nude.. just saying. Wishing the guy that you can hardly remember after 70 years, has no virisimilitude what’s so ever! Even if that guy looks like Chris Pine.

Anyway, that’s my view on WW84. Wish you all very happy good year, may we all get back to hugging and kissing as soon as possible, because this keeping distance thing is falling on me pretty hard.

By the way, congratulation on your movie. I loved the trailer, and some of those 10,000 views are mine.

Be happy, healthy and horny you all.
– Vesna L.

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CBS’s new brand identity is both new and old.

Hello, Rob and all.

Here is an example of business before friendship and also *rebranding* business before rebranding friendship: Yesterday, our good friends at ViacomCBS have rebranded CBS Television Distribution to CBS Media Ventures as part of the unification of the CBS brand across its divisions and platforms.


To be honest, I love the new CMV name and logo and audio logo; the instruments used in the CMV variation of the five-note “This is CBS” audio logo are different than those used for the ID and CBS Studios variation. What do you think?

Thanks for reading and remember: stay positive, test negative.

– DonDonP1.

P.S. This letter is dedicated to the remembrance of the voice of CBS Sports: the late Don Robertson, who passed away last Saturday. More on that is a Google search away. Rest in peace, Don.

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Cinematic surprises

Hi Rob, moderators, and Post Geek Singularity,

One of the best things about any movie or tv show, is when we get a character reveal we literally do not see coming.

Arlene Martel played the nurse and the flight attendant in the Twilight Zone episode “22” – she also played T’Pring in the Star Trek TOS episode “Amok Time.”

In television, one example of a character reveal I did not see coming was in an episode of the original Twilight Zone called Twenty Two. A woman has this repeating nightmare about going to a morgue and a strange woman saying, “room for one more”. Near the end of the episode, that same strange woman turns out to be a stewardess on a plane and says “room for one more” to the woman. I remember seeing that and thinking, “holy crap”. I mean, there were some nods of the nightmare leading up to the woman going to the plane, but I didn’t think that strange woman would show up.

In film, one really good example I can think of was for Die Hard With A Vengeance. Throughout the film, we don’t really know much about the villain, until we hear the line, “Does the name Gruber mean anything to you lieutenant?” and we see Bruce Willis’ facial reaction with the flashback of Alan Rickman falling to his death. We then learn Simon is Hans Gruber’s brother. I remember seeing that for the first time and literally being surprised, since I never saw that coming.

Those are just examples of when I think character reveals we don’t see coming are really well done.

Thanks, live long and prosper.
– Omar.

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