Imagination Connoisseur, CK, swings into The Post-Geek Singularity to offer up some thoughts on SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME.

Hi Rob,

First of all, I know I’m not you’re friend but I’ll still call you as your recognized friends….ROB!…sue me! 😛

A few personal thoughts on SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME;

First time I’ve seen this movie was a deplorable online version on a dubious website; but my expectations regarding this movie ware to high and before it reached my country, I really, really had to see it.

I have to say that I’ve re-watched the movie in cinema and in both instances I’ve loved it. It’s a good, nice movie that centers this young man in his journey and the portrayal its spot on! That noisy kid that is all over the place trying to fill up the shoes of a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and also the shoes of Iron Man. It’s a must watch.

The movie felt real in regards to his fears and the fact that as a superhero he just needed a break and some time to mourn his hero that let him in his small circle of thrust that is Avengers.

But as you always say it’s about verisimilitude….and it is!…First time it broke for me was at the beginning of the movie on the stage, on his close-ups…his costume just looked like plastic, Nano-bots supposed to be metal-like…but here all I see is cheap plastic…well, this is my interpretation on a high deff.

The second brake of verisimilitude for me was in the first fight with Mysterio in which he was a potato sack and no “tickling sense”….We all know he’s got it!…but for some unknown reason he is just a potato sack. (You could say that his Tony Stark loss is affecting him, but I still don’t buy it, its like arc reflex…also you could say that he did lose his powers because some anxiety problems but still…I don’t buy it! Bad writing is bad writing.)

Not last to mention is the fact that MJ is a cold-hearted something…. rigid as a broom stick. Tom is fast to react, the man with the plan and also in to it. But MJ is light, superficial and a bad impression on someone who is interested in someone. She is cold and frigid…my bad…wanted to say rigid!…bad cast in my opinion or she just had to act as she was instructed to.

After all said, I say it’s a good movie that opens a lot of doors which are now closed by our friends at both Sony and Marvel.

Love to hear your thoughts on the verisimilitude of this movie!

As always, best regards from Europe!

– C.K.