Imagination Connoisseur, Joe Geiger, has been paying attention to how things shook out between the MCU and Marvel Television and someone’s got some ‘splainin’ to do …

(edited for clarity)

Greetings from a first-time writer in the Twin Cities. I’m writing seeking what some might consider odd guidance.

Frankly, I want to know who deserves a spot on my shit list regarding how awkward the #It’sAllConnected situation between Marvel Studios/Marvel Television has been? Perhaps it’s my awareness of the office politics, but some things haven’t sat right with me over the last few years including…

-Wouldn’t the TAHITI project featured in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which used Kree, genetics-based substances alongside bleeding edge medical procedures to bring S.H.I.E.L.D. agents back from the dead (including Phil Coulson after his heart was ran through with Loki’s staff) be something that would interest a number of notable people including the Avengers roster after the info leak enacted by Black Widow and Nick Fury in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER?

-Why would Peter Parker, a high schooler, seemingly be higher on Tony Stark’s list of enhanced persons of interest in New York City than the likes of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage?

While I respect Kevin Feige not being on board with sharing creative management of the MCU I can’t wrap my head around how Marvel would bring in a science fantasy veteran like Jeph Loeb to shepherd a slate of projects written and advertised as linked to the movies and not enforce the connection both ways.

So, towards whom should my ire be directed?

Do I join the anti-Ike Perlmutter chorus for not stepping in and supporting Loeb when Feige, for instance, pulled the plug on the Inhuman royal family move when the TV division started using non-royal Inumans? Are the other powers-that-be at Marvel (many who were formerly above Feige, but with whom he now works as Chief Creative Officer) at fault for similar lack of enforcement? Was Kevin Feige simply being a stick in the mud on the issue of creative control?

Similar to how John Campea lamented the absorption of FOX into Disney because it reduced the independent voices telling superhero stories, I’ve felt that Jeph Loeb has served as Marvel’s internal “other voice” in the MCU and so his exit hit me rather hard when it was going down last November.

I apologize for any rambling, and I appreciate your consideration if you see this.

– Joe G.