Imagination Connoisseur, Jeffry Chang, provides a peek at some cool comic book and sci-fi stuff with the rest of the Post-Geek Singularity via our gallery.

Before you get the photos, here’s a little bit about Jeff (from his own submission):

Born and raised in a small town in Washington State 15 mins south of the Canadian border called Bellingham, I had reconciled to living my entire life there. Suddenly,after 37 years of living in the same town, and dealing blackjack for 16 of them, my family – which had moved to Las Vegas – asked for me to relocate. Not wanting to deal cards anymore (because of course when you’ve dealt blackjack for 16 years, naturally you move to Vegas haha) I seeked out a new career.

Having been a fan of the Syfy show Faceoff, I asked my wife to see if there were any classes around the area. As luck would have it, a small beauty school in LV had recently started an fx program. And even more fortuitous, by the time I was to start my classes, their original fx teacher left the program and I instead got Faceoff alumni Tom Devlin. Tom, having spent almost 2 decades doing fx in every type, A list to Z list. I apparently am a natural at sculpting as Ive only been in this universe for about 3 or 4 years with no previous airbrushing or sculpting training or experience. I have since done 5 very low budget movies, but considering my first was after 5 weeks of training, and I have only 10 weeks of formal training. I will color myself fortunate.

And now, a bit about Jeffry’s submission:

I have always been a comic geek and overall nerd. Love all things comic book, sci fi,you name it. And so here is some comic and sci fi related stuff I’ve done. Zombie Colonel America (life sized), a life sized head of Joker, Skeletor (based on the Langella rendition), Zombie Spiderman, a life sized Venom head and a life sized Venom head midtransformation into Eddie Brock(based on Todd Mcfarlanes version of Eddie). All are 100% original sculpts by me, molded,fabricated,painted… you name it. 

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