In its final 36 hours, the first-ever, Intergalactic Imagination Connoisseurs’ Film Festival saw a 100% increase in entries received – creating a delay in processing applications and resulting in a 2-week extension for file submissions of final projects.

In the last day and a half before its December 1 deadline, the Intergalactic Imagination Connoisseurs’ Film Festival – a celebration of the creativity of genre enthusiasts and storytellers from throughout “The Post-Geek Singularity” – received dozens of new entries from around the world (and maybe one or two from another dimension). As a result, the deadline for filmmakers to submit their final project files has been extended through December 15, 2020.

Links to online folders for each project will be sent to entrants today once their entry forms and payments have been processed.

The Intergalactic Imagination Connoisseurs’ Film Festival (IICFF) was created by writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, during an episode of his streaming talk show, ROBSERVATIONS, and has grown into an international phenomenon that will name its inaugural slate of selections during a special, Christmas-day episode of the show. The winners of the 2020 awards will be presented on New Years’ Day.

The IICFF is managed by The Burnettwork – a multi-media platform celebrating genre entertainment, storytelling and fandom of all stripes.

“Have a better day.”