Fellow Imagination Conniessour Dieter Bastian tells us he’s still collecting physical media (and that’s not going to change anytime soon).


Dieter’s Story

Since my friend is a huge KISS Fan, i accepted his propasal to reach deep in our pockets and buy Meet & Greet Tickets for the official (at the moment) last KISS Show in Gemany in Iffezheim. But unfortunately it was not what i would consider Meet & Greet. Take a photo with the band and get the hell out of here. That would have reflected the truth a little bit better.

I was surprised how many people have bought such a ticket. On the KISS website you can buy even pricier options, which get you way more access. At least i think so. The second bummer was the abort of the Show after 45 minutes due to the coming in of heavy stormy weather fronts.

No word so far, if the concert will be repeated. But i guess not, since the Tourplan of the band has not much space left. So in the end not really gotten the best this evening, but still remain a fan.


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