If we find out this photo represents the “quality” of our new alien overlords, we’re going to be terribly disappointed. Just what’s going on here? You tell us. That’s our seven words or less challenge today …

In a much-awaited report to the US Congress next month, Imagination Connoisseurs and UFO (now UAP) enthusiasts are anxiously waiting to find out if Earth has been visited by intelligent alien life.

And we have it on good authority (or not) that this picture is the evidence to be released to the public as part of that report (or not). But if this is evidence of intelligent, extra-terrestrial life visiting Earth, these guys don’t look like they’re bringing their “A-game.”

Is this a case of a little too much “space jammin'” the night before the invasion, someone missing his wake-up call or maybe something more nefarious?

We’ll let you tell us.

In Seven Words or Less …

What’s going on here (wrong answers greatly encouraged)?

Boldly go and tell us, please. There are just so many possibilities.

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