Imagination Connoisseur, Calvin Bowes, shares a little Star Trek wisdom and explains why the show, at its core, should be made to be “family fare” if it’s to last for generations.

Dear Rob.

Braxton and I have been watching STAR TREK: PICARD (ST:PICARD) and even though Braxton is 4 (almost 5), he turned to me and asked a very profound question: “Daddy why does everyone hurt each other? They don’t do that on all the other Star Trek shows.”

I thought about that … and you know, he is right.

The producers try to say they are doing stuff that never was allowed before on the original show because of censorship. They should remember the line from STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY (ST:TUDC): “Just because you can do a thing, does not mean you should do a thing.”

They made a bunch of Star Trek movies and they did not feel they had to have graphic violence sex and language.

Remember, when they made the first movie and did not have to bow down to standards and practices, look what they did: They put out a G rated movie. What makes me sad is that Star Trek was a show that whole family’s watched together.

Braxton needs to hear the messages that are in Star Trek. He liked how Starfleet always tried to help everyone and did not fight unless they had to. Instead, we get heads cut off and people saying “fuck” and “shit” for no other reason but they can.

This is sad.

Now, understand, I am not a prude. I have no objection to language, violence, or nudity in a film so long as it serves the story. The producers and writers cannot tell me why any of this was necessary.

Why can they not keep Star Trek as family fare?

I hate to tell you, but fans like my son are needed for there to be a future for Star Trek. ST:PICARD lost one viewer because Braxton doesn’t like what they are doing. I am not asking them to dumb it down and make a kiddie show, but please give us a Star Trek the whole family can watch.

It’s ok to even have adult themes in Star Trek (they always did, but they were handled with taste). Instead, the producers now seem to say “Hey, aren’t we cool? We just said “fuck” and we cut a guy’s head off.

I do not understand their reasoning.

Why do they not care about fans like Braxton? All of us old-time fans are dying off. You, Rob, became a fan at the age Braxton is now. I think Star Trek would be dead today if back then it was a show that was inappropriate for a child to watch.

Star Trek should be for the whole family.

One last thing I will say to the producers: you show your lack of intelligence when you think you are being edgy just by saying “fuck.”

What do you think, Rob?

– Calvin B