Imagination Connoisseur, Koba, provides a quick review of the WW-I war drama, JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN.

Greetings Rob,

I recently sent you a super chat talking about the movie JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN. Upon hearing you have not seen it. I would like to go more in-depth on the movie.

Don’t worry I won’t spoil it, though.

I had heard of this movie for quite a while but only recently saw it. Written and directed by Dalton Trumbo (who also wrote the book it was based on) the film has a very anti-war message.

Based in WW-1 it is about a young American soldier hit by an artillery shell during the war. This, however, does not kill him. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside his own mind as his injuries have made it impossible for him to communicate with the outside world.

If you have ever seen the music video for the song of the same name by Metallica, they use scenes from the movie in it as the song has a similar theme to the movie.

Rob, if you ever do get round to seeing this film would love to hear your thoughts. Like I said, I found it absolutely horrifying and damn depressing. However, it was an amazing movie to watch.

Many thanks.

Your friend,
– Koba