Imagination Connoisseur, Ian Samuels, celebrates the origin of the horror genre of fiction which dates back to 1764.

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Many today still know the name H. G. Wells. Many even know that he pretty much single-handedly invented the SciFi genre.

But the same cannot be said of the Horror Genre. How many know the name Horace Walpole and the novel The Castle of Otranto, the first to be published under the genre of ‘Horror’ back in 1764. H. G. Wells did start the SciFi genre but his works were not even classified under that genre, instead were referred to as ‘Scientific Romances’.

But Horror does survive the test of time and no more so than Vampires and particular Dracula.

So what is it about the blood-sucking fiends that has stayed with us. Perhaps it is a genetic memory, a genetic FEAR!

Pretty much every civilisation that has ever graced this oblate spheroid on which we live has had legends of such blood-sucking fiends.

So with so many civilisations in so many parts of the world having similar stories is it a leap of the imagination or simple logic that such creatures long ago actually existed?

Perhaps they were yet another Human variant that lost out to the dominance of Homo Sapien and were lost accept for these legends. Homo Vampirus? What if they were indeed ‘Undying’? Could that mean some are still with us?

So let us raise a glass of Red to Homo Vapirus and just consider that there could be one near you today!