Imagination Connoisseur, Craig Stratton, questions the value of having a “Best Foreign Picture” Academy Award.

Hi Rob and PGS peers,

I am writing about the Oscars, because I have a question after this year’s results.

Why does the best foreign picture Oscar exist?

I ask this because this year a foreign film managed to win “Best Picture.” That movie being PARASITE (which, I have to say, I have not seen yet).

And it got me thinking: Some of the best movies in recent years have not all come from Hollywood. They often times stand head-to-head with great American movies, so why do they deserve a category of their own?

What truly separates a great foreign film from a great Hollywood film?

I feel this prize isn’t worth it. It is, in fact, demeaning to foreign films. Almost like saying “Here is a smaller prize just for you.” Even though they are capable of winning the big, grand prize that everyone competes for (the “Best Picture” Academy Award).

Is it time to drop “Best Foreign Film”?

– Craig S.