Imagination Connoisseur, David Jaurequi, wonders why Warner Bros. has never produced an HD re-master of Babylon 5.

Hi Rob.

I am not sure if this is letter material. It might not be as its a bit technical.

When you look at lots of franchises you will notice that many of them have HD versions now. Sadly, there is no HD version of Babylon 5 which is really such a wonderful show. It has great writing and was a technical pioneer in the VFX industry at the time.

There have been lots of rumors and talk about the CGI assets being lost and all kinds of other theories and myths. As a matter of fact there are still B5 assets around and they (at least in my opinion) could be used for a HD remaster. They can be opened with a modern version of Lightwave 3D and while some functionality inside Lightwave has changed in the last 25 years most scene files do still work. 

I wonder if WB even knows about that. Its sad that this show hasn’t been picked up for a HD remaster and i fear with each passing year it will be more difficult to find more of the original CGI assets. More and more content is shown at HD and 4k. It would be a shame if B5 would get lost in the SD nirvana. People are so used to HD. It wont be easy for B5 to find new viewers and fans when its still at a very bad SD quality. 

I do not know what it takes to make a B5 remaster happen, well i guess a lot of money but the existing CGI assets would surely save considerable amounts. Maybe all it needs is the right person (someone at WB) in the right position to know about this to get things started. 

I will give you a link to a zip file with 2 short examples. 3 scenes from B5 episodes remastered for HD. It does not look modern but I thought it would be best to keep the original style while enhancing things like lighting and additional editing. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Keep up the great work you are doing with your Robservations and best wishes for the future. 

Kind regards,
– David J.

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