Writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett, returns to the microphone following a Labor Day respite and takes his fellow Imagination Connoisseurs on an adventure into the Post-Geek Singularity with this, episode #212 of ROBSERVATIONS (a show about something).

Join Rob in this episode as he discusses the following:

•  Rob introduces his new title (bestowed on him by John Campea) as “The Master of Fun and Wonder.”

•  New shows on Netflix: Dark Crystal and Carnival Row – are worth a closer look.

•  Why is it that the Fast & the Furious franchise has a problem with verisimilitude? Rob also explains how editing action scenes can create or destroy a film’s verisimilitude.

•  How by sticking to the “rules” of your universe and making sure there’s enough detail creates that sense of verisimilitude and helps viewers achieve their suspension of disbelief.

•  Which is more important: the verisimilitude/believability of the story or the meaning/message behind it?  Imagination Connoisseur, Mark P, sent in this letter which launched this entire conversation.

•  What does RMB think of the “Enders Game” series of books?

•  Will JOJO RABITT do well or is it too controversial for audiences today?

•  Imagination Connoisseur, Dan Vacura, writes in to ask about the future of the Terminator franchise and the likelihood TERMINATOR: DARK FATE will do anything but flop at the box office.

•  Another Imagination Connoisseur shares some pretty strong opinions about the failure of filmmakers to capture the essence of Stephen King’s work – Rob doesn’t necessarily disagree.

•  Pitching in with her first review of a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Imagination Connoisseur, Willow Yang, provides an interesting take on the ST:TNG pilot episode: “Encounter at Farpoint.”

•  Just how much can one person hate STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI? Check out this letter and you’ll find out.

•  And finally, an Imagination Connoisseur asks Rob if he’s familiar with the old TV show, “Legend of the Golden Gun.”  

You can watch it here:

About Robert Meyer Burnett

Best known for FREE ENTERPRISE, starring Emmy winners William Shatner and Eric McCormack, Rob Burnett offers his own unique perspective on the entertainment industry in his daily Robservations video blogs.


(Originally aired: September 3, 2019 – 2:04:35)