Imagination Connoisseur, Mark Churay, has a new venture idea for Hot Toys that would allow fans to build-a-bootleg version of their favorite character.

What do you think?

Dear Rob,

I ran across something the other day that I found both odd and fascinating all at once. Now, I wonder if Hot Toys fans would think it fun to basically “custom build a bootleg Hot Toy”?

Apparently, this is now possible.

PHICEN dolls are 1/6 scale bodies made with a steel posable skeleton inside a seamless silicone body. The bodies run about $90, but all you get is a body. Say you wanted a bootleg ScarJo Black Widow figure. You’d buy the female body, then for another $45 you buy the “”female, Red Hair, Charming, Beauty Head” that just so happens to resemble Scarlett Johansson. Then for another $50, you’d buy the “Sexy Female Spy” outfit for your PHICEN 1/6 scale figure. Then, for another $30, you buy the 1/6 scale weapons accessory pack.

Then-Ta-Da! You have a al a carte, build-a-bear style bootleg Black Widow Hot Toy.

So, Rob, as a Hot Toys fan yourself, what do you think of these? If you’ve heard of these, have you ever thought about investing in this?

Mark C.