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Dutch Imagination Connoisseur, Richard van Twuijver, shares a favorite movie with members of the PGS. An early outing by director Luc Besson, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, is described as Indiana Jones … with boobs.

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Yet another letter from, just Richard, (Richard van Twuijver). I would like to bring to your attention a movie, I think, most people never have heard from.

Maybe even the connoisseurs in chat, et tu, Robert?

It’s a French movie… no chat, don’t leave yet because it’s French, you might like this one.

The movie premiered in 2010 and is directed by Luc Besson. For me, any movie by Luc Besson, gets an automatic +1. The title of this movie is:

Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec (The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec)

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Some of you may think that the title seems familiar. That’s correct. The movie is loosely based on the comic books from Jacques Tardi.

If I was a marketer I would describe this movie in a few words, a catch phrase. It would sound something like this: Les Adventures Extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec, Indiana Jones with boobs and funnier than Inspector Clouseau!

Well, the tone has been set. Let me first introduce some of the main characters.

The lead role goes to Louise Bourgoin as Adèle Blanc-Sec. She is a journalist and travel book writer, famous with her peers and readers. Also a strong woman that doesn’t take sh.t from anyone. Yes SJW mobsters, yet another movie with a strong woman in it.

I almost forgot, she hot! I can see Robert thinking now…: Richard how do you know this?

Well Robert, there is a scene in the movie where Adèle, in front of a mummy, takes off all of her….. Oops, I almost spoiled a scene for you all. Watch the movie yourself if you want to know more.

Another main character is: Jack Nercessian, who plays Professor Marie-Joseph Espérandieu. Rumours have it that he has mastered telepathy and can raise the dead. He also seems responsibly for awakening a Pterosaur, a flying dinosaur.

The third main actor is: Gilles Lellouche, who plays, inspector Albert Caponi. Inspector Albert Caponi isn’t the smartest cop at the Sûreté (French National Police), but he gets the job done, with the aid of his subordinates and a lot of luck.

Now for the review itself. I will keep it short because I don’t want to spoil too much.

Paris 1912. During an experiment with telepathy Professor Espérandieu hatches an ancient Pterosaur egg, located in the Galerie de paléontologie et d’anatomie compare. The Ptersoaur flies away towards his freedom and on its ways sees a cab and attacks it. Killing a former prefect and his mistress in the process.

The president of France hears about this and orders the Sûreté to investigate it. Here the bumbling inspector Caponi is set to solve the case.

Meanwhile Adèle is in Egypt, searching for a mummy called Patmosis. This mummy was the alleged physician of Ramses II. Adèle believes that he can cure her very ill sister, Agathe. Her sister is critically injured because of a freak accident.

Adèle succeeds in her mission and return to France. Now she must find Professor Marie-Joseph Espérandieu. She thought that to be simple, not. He’s been put in to jail because of his involvement with the Pterosaur. Adèle tries to break him out of jail. First imposing as a lawyer. She doesn’t succeed. After a half dozen hilarious attempts, in the most ridiculous disguises, she succeeds. This scene reminded me of Peter Sellers in his Pink Panther movies.

Adèle askes Professor Marie-Joseph Espérandieu to help her with curing her sister. He agrees and resurrects the mummy that’s placed in her house. When the mummy awakens they are in for a shock. No, not the kind you get when watching a horror movie. The mummy is not who Adèle thought he would be. He’s not a physician, but a nuclear physicist. “I deal with signs and equations, not medicine”, he says. However he comes up with a plan, one that involves many more mummies.

Here I will stop the review. I skipped a lot so you yourself can watch the movie without knowing too much.

The reason why I recommend this movie and like for you to watch this one is simple.

It’s something every movie should aspire to do. It’s an entertaining movie! The world we live in is sometimes cruel and harsh. This movie transported me to another place and entertained me for 90+ minutes, forgetting about all and cheering me up. Will it be a classic in due time, no? Is it a bad movie, no? Is it a good movie, maybe?

That “maybe”, depends on your taste of movies, the kind of humour you like etc. etc.

Rob, and everyone else in the Post-Geek Singularity, I hope you liked this letter and the movie I promoted in it.

Kind regards,

Just Richard, (Richard van Twuijver)

P.S. … two of my favourite quotes:

In the darkness you cannot see.
In the light you are blinded.
It is within the shadows that things become clear.