Imagination Connoisseur, Dean Micetich, wonders if we’ll ever see another epic WWII war movie like THE LONGEST DAY or A BRIDGE TOO FAR.

Hi Rob and the PGS,

The other day as I was heading into work, two Chinook and four Apache helicopters flew along the Thames in formation. Nothing unusual about that, but I started to hum the theme to great World War II film, 633 SQUADRON.

On getting into work my colleague joined in, in humming the theme and this eventually lead us to talking about our favourite World War II films.

As you can expect, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN was among the favorites, but so was the 1962 film, THE LONGEST DAY, A BRIDGE TOO FAR (1972) and the great BATTLE OF BRITIAN (1962). While talking about THE LONGEST DAY and A BRIDGE TOO FAR, I realized that both of these films had large casts with some very big names and up and comers in the films for when they were released. Some of these roles where large and other a bit parts or what would be considered now as a cameo.

This got me thinking. When was the last film to have so many big names in it, even if a huge star only had a few minutes of screen time? The only film that come to mind is THE THIN RED LINE (1998).

So, my first question to you, Rob, is: With the current state of film making, do you think we will ever see such epic films again with large casts of A-list Star in them even if it only a cameo role?

My next question is: Given how far we have come in film technology, what classic World War II film would you like to see be remade and who would you have to direct?

Me personally, I would love to see BATTLE OF BRITAIN redone. Just thinking about how those dogfights in the skies of Britain would look with today film technics has me drooling. As for the director, I currently can’t think of anyone that could do the job justice with the exception of maybe Christopher Nolan. I loved his take on Dunkirk.

My final question is: Most of the events from World War II are far larger than can fit into a 2 to 3 hour film, without losing a lot of the real story behind them, so which of the classic World War II films would you like to see be turned into an epic mini-series like the excellent BAND OF BROTHERS, where a lot of the real events can be put back in?

Personally, I would go with the Battle of Britain again, but I would love to see the story of Special Air Service (SAS) formed by Sir David Stirling. The series would follow them though the War and then being disbanded on 8 October 1945 as British Government no longer saw a need for them.

If the series was popular enough for a second season, we could see the SAS being reformed for the Korean War. After three months of training before deployment, they are then told they are no longer needed and the men volunteer to fight in the Malayan Emergency.
It could tell the story of the SAS all the way up to the 1980, Iranian Embassy siege when the world learned of their existence. I know a lot of the post-WWII events would most likely have to be heavily fictionalized as what really happened in those events is still classified information to this day.

But it could be an entertaining show.

Kind Regards,
– Dean M.

PS. As everyone is asking for copy of scripts you managed to get your hand on.
I am not going to ask for the Duel of Fates or Dune Scripts, but can I get a copy of your script for Free Enterprise 2: The Wrath of Shatner?

Of course I kid, but I do hope that you can get this project it financial backing you need before the great Captain himself can no longer do it.