Imagination Connoisseur, Stubble McShave, tests his theory that more good content is being created now than ever before – but does it hold up?

Hi Rob (aka LASER-BOB).

I thought that I would write a letter about how there’s so much more good content being produced now that you can’t keep up with all the new stuff.

I thought that I would pick a year at random and compare it to this year in the amount of good movies and tv-series that were being produced.

I picked 1988 (at random) as my reference year. But when I looked at that year I realized that there was a lot of good stuff being done that year as well.

There were 2 differences. The first one was that there was a lot less genre material being done back then and the second difference was that there are a lot more tv-series now that have replaced some of the movies.

When you look at the movies of 1988 there were a lot of great comedies, a few action movies, some quality dramas and a few genre classics. There were comedies such as Big, The naked gun, A fish called Wanda, Dirty rotten scoundrels and Coming to America. There were action movies like Young guns and Die hard. There were dramas such as Rain Man and Cinema Paradiso. Genre movies mostly consisted of horror movies. There were some notable exceptions however, such as Who framed Roger rabbit, Beetlejuice and Willow.

In recent years there’s been a shift towards more genre movies especially Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comic book properties. Although we still get a lot of horror. We have more or less lost all the great comedies. If you look at the list of comedies of 1988: Big, The naked gun, A fish called Wanda, Dirty rotten scoundrels and Coming to America. Those comedies were all great and we haven’t seen any comedies on that level for the last five years or so.

Several of the premises for what would have been movies back then have now been turned into tv-series instead of movies. But there’s just as many properties now as back then and that have resulted in a lot more content. I think that’s the reason we sometimes feel like we can’t keep up with all the new content. There’s not more numerically it’s just that the content for each property is bigger and more expansive because now they’re tv-series on a streaming network.

Today I feel like I don’t have the time needed to re-watch things. And it’s the re-watching which makes you into a fan of a property. You don’t become a fan by watching something once, you need to watch it several times.

I suspect that in five years people will hardly remember properties such as Stranger things or Carnival row. Because even if we really enjoy them as we watch them, we don’t have the time to watch it a second time, since there’s always something new interesting to watch.

In conclusion, I miss the great comedies and I think it will be more difficult to develop passionate fan-bases for new properties that will last over time.

I guess sometimes maybe you can get too much of a good thing.

– Stubble