Imagination Connoisseur, Anthony Mathews, reminds us that it’s easy to tell under-represented people they should come up with new and original heroes of their own – but sometimes, the job calls for a character with very specialized skills.

(edited for clarity)

Hi Rob,

So you mentioned Bond on yesterday’s show and you talked to Campea about it last week. The basic idea was that it would be better if women and people of color were allowed to create their own NEW and ORIGINAL characters that they can make into a big deal.

I somewhat agree with that.

But you also have to remember that – for me while I was growing up – I didn’t have the luxury of seeing major characters that looked like me. So, either I had to find something to connect to in the white characters or just not partake in certain types of entertainment at all.

Therefore, like you, while we grew up on Bond , we’ve waited our entire lives to see someone that looks like US utter the words “Bond…..James Bond”.

So yes, we want new and original characters. But we also want a Bond as well.


Keep up the good work.

– Anthony M.

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