Imagination Connoisseur, Paul Morgera, just finished binging Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and has some questions.

Lots of questions.

Hi Rob!

It’s Paul again.

But instead of writing to you about my disdain for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, I want to get your take on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

I just finished bing watching ST:DS9 for the last couple of weeks on Netflix. I had not watched it since it finished its run back in the day. I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly. The first couple of seasons weren’t the best, but they still had a few episodic gems within them. Things really got moving after the third season in terms of quality and overall good storytelling.

The character arcs were excellent. It seemed that each character had more than a few episodes where the focus was on them. The writing was excellent. I am wondering why I didn’t pick up on the quality of this series when I first saw it back in the day. My guess is that Star Trek: The Next Generation was still fresh in my mind as a great series and at that time nothing could measure up.

I am a person that usually doesn’t like to rewatch TV series because my memory is pretty good at remembering all the twists and turns. This kind of diminishes the enjoyment for me. The films and tv series that I can watch multiple times are few and far between. ST:DS9 has become one of those series.

I have always liked Star Trek. I remember watching the original series reruns on TV during the 1970’s. It would usually come on during the evening. Those episodes are also on my list as great rewatch material.

I hope the Star Trek: Picard series really hits it out of the park.

After the Disney/Star Wars debacle, some of us fans would like to spend our hours watching quality story arcs instead of no story arcs. (Sorry Rob, I had to get that dig into Disney/Star Wars, lol.)

You are right to say that this is the golden age of geekdom. The Madalorian is coming out soon, ST:P to follow, Clone Wars, all the Marvel films on the docket, and I heard something about a Lord of the Rings prequel or something like that. All in all, a pretty exciting time.

Tell me Rob, what is your favorite episode of ST:DS9? What is your take on the ST:P series? Will they ever make a another decent Star Trek movie or has that shipped sailed?

I am thinking of bing watching Enterprise. I have only seen a few episodes. Not sure what to make of the intro score. Doesn’t feel like Star Trek to me. What is your take on that series?

Well thanks for your time once again and keep on being the voice of reason in this social media wilderness. You’re kind of like the John the Baptist of social media geekdom, lol.

Take care,
– Paul M.