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Imagination Connoisseur, Jermaine K., asks a question that’s been on everybody’s mind for the past decade: Is it even possible to re-boot a beloved franchise and please all fans, both old and new?

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Hello Rob.

Thanks for reading my previous letters. Before getting into the main topic of this letter, I have a quick James Bond question for you. I’ve never watched Never Say Never Again, no bad pun intended. Do you recommend it? Why or why not?

As for the primary topic of this letter, I think I understand why so many fans are divided lately over popular genre franchises. The new content, be it Episodes 7-9 of Star Wars or Star Trek Picard and Lower Decks, seems to outwardly mock, disrespect, belittle or ignore the past. As a lifelong Star Wars, much of Rise Of Skywalker made me want to scream. I spent 85% of the movie thinking that Star Wars lore and canon were being trampled on gleefully by people who dislike the franchise. I mean, how can Rey use Force Heal but Anakin Skywalker couldn’t?

That’s asinine.

Yet, I can imagine a new viewer coming into Star Wars through this trilogy and have a very different opinion of the lore than I do. Thinking of that viewer brought me to a question: is it possible to write a “reboot” that will feel acceptable to older fans and be accessible to a new audience that has no prior experience with the story? I believe a talented writer, or writers, can do this and that’s why I loved hearing your description of Star Trek The Beginning.

The connections to Enterprise made me happy, as I really like that show. Yet, there’s no need to have watched Enterprise to understand Star Trek The Beginning and get into it. I hope in the future more beloved franchises find the right balance between making something established fans can embrace and an ability to draw in a new audience also.

Thanks, take care.

– Jermaine