Imagination Connoisseur, Calvin Bowes, gives an example of a film he thinks is an important work of art yet handles the subject matter in a way that makes him hate the movie. Is that okay?

Hi Rob,

I remember when you were talking about movies not being subjective but their being an objective quality. Here is what I mean: I have seen BIRTH OF A NATION and I hate this movie. It bothers me that the (Ku Klux) Klan being the good guys.

That being said, when watching the film objectively I can see the brilliance of DW Griffith. He made what some consider the first epic. You could see that this is a great piece of art.

Subjectively, I hated this film but objectively I feel it is a great film and it is hard not to see its brilliance.

So, I can hate a film but call it a great film and not contradict myself.

Calvin Bowes