Are the wealthy and powerful in Hollywood squaring off against our own government to bring explosive secrets to the light of day? Learn more about “Hollywood vs the US Government” as Imagination Connoisseur, Adam Blue, shares his thoughts with the Post-Geek Singularity.

Hey Rob,

While this letter may seem a bit crazy, I feel comfortable sharing it here because all of us imagination connoisseurs are typically open to new ideas. It was interesting to hear your thoughts about Trump versus Hollywood or similar ideas like this. After all, Hollywood itself is its own powerful entity that has social pull, so of course, a presidential administration might not like the idea of influence coming from other sources. These people in Hollywood and the Government are in top positions where a lot of wealth and power is at play, including knowledge. As we can see from declassified CIA documents that are available for the public, or illegal activities Corporations regularly get into, there has been a history of knowledge kept from citizens, for good or bad, some not so clear.

But, if you were a high-valued filmmaker that is wealthy, you’re probably going to run in circles where this knowledge is shared. I’ll take two filmmakers as an example: Ridley Scott and George Lucas.

Ridley Scott came back to the Alien franchise to make Prometheus. Why? It had little to do with the Xenomorphs, and had more to do with a humanoid alien that came to Earth and made humans. Also, the ‘black goo’ in the movie is centered on being a culprit for this creation.

Prometheus isn’t necessarily a bad movie, but for the Alien franchise it does not work for me. Ridley Scott has a lot of interesting ideas going on and it wasn’t that clear to many. The black goo used by the ‘engineers’? Brien Foerester, a modern Indiana Jones-like, did a video with a tour group of a newly excavated location in Osiris’ tomb in Egypt that had black goo on a giant stone box. It is currently being tested in Canada. The reason I bring this up is the goo was discovered after Prometheus, and recent studies show that a lot of the ancient Egyptian finds are from a period previous to the Dynastic Egyptians. This time period would have been before a cataclysm that occurred 10-11 thousand years ago – a period of time we don’t have much knowledge about, but that we’re starting to understand a larger human civilization existed with interesting technology that has been lost. For anyone that needs to be convinced, simply search for ‘Ancient Drill Cores’. You will be shocked and no one on Earth (as far as we know) knows how this was achieved.

Now, for George Lucas, him and Spielberg, another big filmmaker, set out to make another Indiana Jones. But the theme of this was about Crystal Skulls. While Crystal skulls are not a real thing archaeologists are currently wrapping their head around, elongated skulls do exist, and as a society we don’t know where they came from. There is a practice where specific groups of people would enact ‘head-binding’ on children in order to elongate their heads. Why would they do this? I’m just assuming they were trying to mimic a human that supposedly existed with actual elongated heads. We have skulls in museums where the volume of the skull indicates the human was born that way, not from head binding. These were found in Peru, but DNA analysis shows they came from a group of people near the Black Sea. And since then, these skulls have been found all over the world.

I think Hollywood vs the Government is real. A Government exists to control society. Hollywood has the power to make films that reach a large audience to send a message. Corporations vs Government is a hidden but strong reality that’s even the center focus on the Amazon Prime show, The Boys. In fact, that whole show is about hidden knowledge at the top.

If the Government has knowledge of our past as humans that could change things, they’ll want to keep it hidden to keep control. Hollywood has no reason to control what people do as long as they see their movies, and artists tend to have a relation with knowledge and use it in their craft. For prolific filmmakers like George Lucas and Ridley Scott, I have no doubt they have some shocking knowledge that they would sound crazy if they were to publicly speak on, and are better off showing these ideas to the masses in forms of entertainment. Besides, with kids growing up with these ideas and as new findings are being presented in modern day archaeology, we’ll have a more informed and open-minded generation to help usher in this new knowledge of our past. I’m hoping this knowledge, whatever it is, is what leads to world peace.

To add another piece to the puzzle, while JJ Abrams is a newer filmmaker in the game, he is probably just as powerful and wealthy, and he works with the same writer as Prometheus. JJ and Lindelof are known for tapping into minor conspiracy theory-related topics. I’m sure some of it is because they are fun, but there is a truth buried in there.

Thanks for reading!

– Adam B.