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Our ever-curious Imagination Connoisseur, Desmond, writes in with his observations about The Mandalorian that keeps him thinking about the main character’s development and where this series could lead in the future.

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Editor’s Note: This letter has been edited from the on-air version …

Hi Toyman,

I’ve been watching Mandalorian and found myself being curious and appreciative towards it.

For example;

  1. Different viewpoints of the galaxy, Mandalorian living that seems no different to many religions in our own society
  2. The Imperial officer viewpoints when they are being attacked before they die
  3. Flying without hyper-drive
  4. The Tusken people viewpoint and daily life
  5. A glimpse and hints of the criminal underworld excluding Hutt Space
  6. Some aspects of information brokering

The strength of the show seems to be it’s continual expansion and exploration of different viewpoints of previously unseen/ unheard characters.

Another example potentially being displayed, Mando still keeping the blasted droid from the prison heist episode which is shown to be still onboard his ship in season 2.

This potentially leaves the door open to reprogram to be his assistant thus displaying more growth in Mando’s beliefs, which Quil helped him to be open to from the first season when covering the situation with IG11 about droids being a reflection of what they are programmed to do.

Your thoughts.

Kind regards,
– Desmond