Imagination Connoisseur, CJ Dunn, writes in to share his admiration for a fellow member of the Post-Geek Singularity and demonstrates why we work to make this the best fan space on the web.

Dear Rob,

I was able to catch you live recently and something caught my complete attention. Willow Yang’s letter giving you and us, the PGS, a look into her psyche.

I loved her letter. It touched me in ways I did not expect. My empathetic levels were going off the charts. I too was over weight with a “pizza face”. I over compensated for this with an “over-bearing confident personality. And, after I got through making fun of all the JROTC students, I joined the Military, one of 3 out of my graduating class. Talk about karma, lol.

The military brought this “over confidence” back to earth. However, my personality is what it is. I am still confident AF. I have been through “the shit”, as Rob likes to say about military men and women who have been through “a lot”. But, I do not lose my empathy. I feel for the PGS member willow. She should not feel the way she does about herself.

If this doesn’t motivate you, Rob, to talk about (our) viewer topic I suggested, then I don’t know what will. Willow is a remarkably outstanding human being. From what I’ve heard from her (read by you) she sounds WAY smarter than me and also a very compassionate person.

I love that you, Rob, give her a platform for her remarkable thoughts. Willow is a better person for it. I don’t think willow yang should be so hard on herself. I find that she is most awesome.

We all have had our trials and tribulations. I have struggled with weight myself. The Army helped with that. But, I blew up like a blow fish when I reached drinking age. However, I lost it all. Now, I find myself struggling with my weight again now that I have adopted my Dominic. Dad bod is a MF’r to get rid of.

I want to say all that to say this, Ms. Willow, you have everything in the world to be proud of yourself. We can’t all be “perfect”, so to speak. We all don’t see ourselves perfect in our eyes, because we know everything about ourselves. Our flaws, our fears, our short comings. It’s when we acknowledge those things is when we become better people. You, willow, my friend, are perfect the way you are and I love you.

Thank you Rob, willow and the rest of the PGS for the awesome chats we can have. I love you all.

-CJ Dunn