Imagination Connoisseur, Dillon M., writes in to let us know that even though he’s a child of the 90s, he still has a deep appreciation of “classic” sci-fi (pre-1977) as well as “modern” work (post-1977). Let us know your classic and modern faves in the comments section, below.

Greetings, Robert.

I recently stumbled upon and began watching your YouTube channel, having previously known you from your appearances on THE JOHN CAMPEA SHOW and COLLIDER HEROES.

Recently on episode 344 of ROBSERVATIONS, you were discussing the gulf between older and younger genre fans and posing the question of whether it were even possible for younger fans to engage with the older franchises in the same way that you did. I thought perhaps I could give you some hope on this point.

I’m a younger guy myself, having been born in the mid 90s. I was fortunate however, in that unlike my peers I grew up on a diet of both older and contemporary movies and television. For this reason, I never had any difficulty appreciating older media and in many cases I even preferred it.

I find that I have more in common with older fans like yourself than I do most of my contemporaries. The original Twilight Zone, various incarnations of Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and of course Godzilla have always been among my favorite franchises.

Growing up in school, I felt very isolated – but when I got older and gained access to the Internet, I discovered that there are indeed others like me. Today, my social circle is made up almost entirely of younger people like myself who appreciate the classics in a very real way. We exist, we’re out here, and I hope that one day people like us will break into the industry and bring back some of those old school sensibilities.

And now that I’ve gotten down from my soapbox, I hope you will indulge me in a fun little query.

I tend to divide science fiction into two distinct eras, the classic and the modern. Everyone has their own definitions of those terms, but for my purposes I tend to see classic sci-fi as being before Star Wars and modern being after. Given these parameters, what would be your picks be for favorite classic and favorite modern science fiction films?

Personally, my picks are THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (1951) and BLADE RUNNER (1982, but more specifically, the 2007 “Final Cut”).

– Dillon M.