Ian Samuels introduces GOTG to the world of DUNE.

It is interesting to think that the story of Dune exists in the Marvel universe.

That’s right after David Lynch’s Dune was released in 1984 Marvel comics released a 3 part series based on the movie in 1985.

Covers for Marvel Comics's Dune Series
Covers for Marvel Comics’s Dune Series

So considering this fact how about this idea…

The Guardians of the Galaxy have just been through a devastating battle, their ship is damaged and unwittingly has jumped into the universe of Dune. The ship crashes on the desert planet of Arrakis. The only member uninjured is Groot who pulls the injured Gamora, Drax and Racket Racoon before finally pulling out the corpse of their leader Star Lord.

The Guardians are met by the Fremin and their leader Paul Muad’dib.

Meanwhile the now rebuilt military power house of Giedi Prime, the newly arisen House Harkonnen want revenge and attack Arrakis.

The Fremin led by Paul Maud’dib with their new friends the Guardians resist the forces of the House Harkonnen and take the fight back to their homeworld of Giedi Prime.

Giedi Prime is beaten back into a barely post Industrial age state, no longer a threat.

The Guradians repair their ship and Paul Maud’dib agrees to lead them in some adventures.

Interesting idea?

Maud’dib leading the Guardian of the Galaxy. This first tale with the meeting of the Guardians and Maud’dib called even be called ‘Guardians of Arrakis’ and then have following adventures being called Maud’dib and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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