Imagination Connoisseur, Sherry Kaye, wants to support RMB and the Post-Geek Singularity, but isn’t clear on how to SuperChat. It’s not hard – and it’s not the only way to support The Burnettwork.

I’m listening to you live now. I found you sometime in the last year and I love everything I see and hear!

I was especially intrigued by your show with your sister last week (Episode #328). That was amazing and touching!

BTW, I’ve only become a Trekkie in the last two years, due to having been living with someone who has been one from the beginning!

You are now discussing movies and you mentioned probably my favorite movie of all time: AMADEUS!

Not that I wouldn’t want to support you anyhow – but I was spurred to whip out my credit card and hope to do a super chat about this subject and I don’t see how to do it? I’ve been hearing about Super Chats on some of the people’s channels I subscribe to but I would like to know how to send them from my Android phone.


P.S. and I love your dogs!

Sherry Kaye

Editor’s Note: If you’re looking for help on how to send a SuperChat or buy a SuperSticker on YouTube, here’s a link to a helpful page that explains how to do it from your phone, tablet or desktop computer.