Imagination Connoisseur, Ian Samuels, takes a closer look at his favorite detective series, HOMICIDE HUNTER and its intriguing host, real-life detective, Joe Kenda.


I would like to talk Detective series, in particularly what I believe is the best detective series. Monk and Morse were good but they don’t match up to the HOMICIDE HUNTER, Lt. Joe Kenda. One thing Kenda has over the others is that he is real.

Each episode of the series has Joe Kenda himself doing voice over and in an interview type situation discussing his view of the case. Added to this is a dramatisation of the investigation.

One of the interesting things about the series, other than being real is the actor who plays Kenda in the dramatisations, Carl Marino was himself a detective before becoming an actor, so not a stretch of his acting skills.

HOMICIDE HUNTER is a great series with intriguing cases and the incredibly engaging Kenda telling us the tale. He even has a catchphrase that makes my wife wet every time he says it, ‘Well My, My, My.’

If any fellow members of the PGS, fellow ROBSERVATIONS enjoy detective series, they should definitely check out Joe Kenda, HOMICIDE HUNTER there has been 9 seasons since its start in 2011.

– Ian S.