Imagination Connoisseur, Calvin Bowes, prefers the shorter, episodic form of storytelling over longer, multi-episode story arcs for his favorite sci-fi franchise: Star Trek.

(edited for clarity)

Dear Rob,

I was thinking about what I modern Star Trek is missing. I know they are doing what they’re doing because all other shows are doing this: they’re not doing episodic stories.

But I feel Star Trek works best in an episodic format.

This is what I mean: a typical episode begins as the ship approaches the new world. This allows for the anticipation of what is to come. Next, our heroes are on the planet and we have an exciting adventure. When it is over, they fly away anticipating the adventures to come

Now when I say a one-shot story is episodic, I am not saying you ignore what has happened before (in previous episodes). But you can’t keep Star Trek “Boldly going where no man has gone before” in a long-form, story arc format.

We should tune into Star Trek expecting a new adventure and a new place every week not a continuation of the previous week’s story.

– Calvin Bowes