We want you to be on our shows!

Interested in being a guest on one of our shows? You can apply online by submitting the application form for any of the following shows:

ROBSERVATIONS – a show about “something” hosted by writer-producer-director, Robert Meyer Burnett

WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES – a movie review show featuring co-hosts Robert Burnett and Elysabeth Gwendolyn Belle (and a bottle of your favorite red or white)

LET’S GET PHYSICAL MEDIA – a weekly discussion of physical media and technology co-hosted by Robert Burnett and Dieter Bastian.

FULLY ARTICULATED – a weekly look at models, toys, action figures and more, hosted by Robert Burnett. 


Things to keep in mind

If you submit an application, it will be screened within 24 hours (allowances should be made for weekends and holidays, of course) and you will hear back from The Burnettwork. If your application passes the screening, it will be sent to Rob for evaluation and he will contact you directly to arrange for an appearance.

Please do not submit multiple applications for an appearance on the same show. The number of times you apply will not increase the likelihood of an appearance.

In order to appear on any show, you need to have a computer with a camera and a microphone connected to it. Interviews will not be conducted over mobile phones.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike at The Burnettwork (mike@theburnettwork.net).