Not sure what’s going on with today’s most venerable film franchises? Imagination Connoisseur, Alan Sacks, says it’s pretty easy to figure out.

It’s all about “the merch”, baby …

Hi Rob,

What did Yogurt say in Spaceballs? It’s all about the merchandising.

C3PO’s red arm, BB8, and porgs were created to monetize Star Wars with new things that the current rights holders could own and not have to share with anyone. Disneyland didn’t even want to share Galaxy’s Edge with Disney owned Lucasfilm. So they created a new planet with new characters Disneyland wouldn’t have to share with the rest of the Disney corporation. Doomcock describes it as a Star Wars theme park with no Star Wars.

With Star Trek it is the same basic idea, but more complicated because of the CBS Viacom split.

JJ Abrams could have done anything after getting the keys to Star Trek. He choose to reboot the original series because that series has the best selling merchandise . If he wanted to do a Voyager movie, or Deep Space Nine reboot, he could have. JJ Abrams tried to get them to stop selling canon Trek merchandise, and left the franchise because people weren’t buying his reboot merchandise.

This all leads to the font and logo for the Picard series. They could have used the TNG font if they wanted. But somewhere on a spreadsheet it says the original series font and delta are part of the sales of TOS merchandise. They associate the TOS font with TOS merchandise, which does better than TNG merchandise.

I could be wrong, but these days more than ever it’s all about the merchandising.

– Alan S.