Imagination Connoisseur, Ian Samuels, puts on his brown coat and sings us a tale of a great show called FIREFLY – a classic, space/horse opera with memorable characters, adventure and unforgettable stories. The movie that followed it though … well, that’s another song for another time.


A Bear and a Rabbit meet in the woods and the Bear asks the Rabbit “When you do a crap do you have a problem with shit sticking to your fur?” The Rabbit insists, “No, I don’t have that problem.” So the Bear wipes his ass with the Rabbit.

Now that the kids are out of the room – thanks Eddie Murphy – let’s talk FIREFLY and the travesty of SERENTIY.

Produced by Joss Whedon, FIREFLY was a great series with a great cast and great stories. We have our Captain Mal who was on the losing side in the war. He is joined by Zoe he was by his side in the war which has made them close. Zoe’s husband ‘Wash’ played by the sublime Alan Tudyk (which sounds like a good porn name ‘Tudyk’ – 2 Dick?), engineer Kaylee and a man called Jayne. Along for the ride is a very close friend of Captain Mal’s Inarra, played by the stunning Morena Baccarin. Inarra is a very high class, expensive ‘Companion’.

They fly in a Firefly-class ship that Captain Mal has named “Serenity” after the final battle of the war. They pick up passengers, a rich Doctor with a large crate and a Preacher. Turns out that the crate contains the Doctor’s younger sister River.

One of the most unique additions to the series are the “Reavers.” A great concept, the Reavers were the first explorers into deep space who looked into the emptiness of deep space – which stared back at them and turned them mad.

With FIREFLY, we got just one season of great TV (if viewed in the correct order, not the order that Fox showed the episodes).

Fans still screamed out for more. But from what I have heard of what Whedon had planned for season 2, I think we are better without Whedon ruining it. River and her brother Simon were going to be the focus. Therefore the best thing about the series, the crew of the Serenity, would be background characters.

Unfortunately, Whedon did get the chance to do something – he made the film SERENTIY.

With SERENITY, Whedon took everything he had done well in FIREFLY and shat on it from a great height. We got a glimpse of what season 2 would’ve been, with River being the main character and the cast in the background.

Whedon kills off Wash, one of the best characters in FIREFLY as well as The Preacher, Shepherd Book. He then takes the Reavers, one of the most interesting concepts and turns them into one of the most cliched SciFi tropes ever… A Military Experiment Gone Wrong.

And they have their own home world! Utter, utter crap!

Whedon, like George Lucas, just keeps meddling.

Have something good? Then leave it alone don’t ruin it! Josh & George need to learn before either of them are allowed anywhere near a film or TV set.

Anyway, anyone who hasn’t seen FIREFLY should go watch it. You are missing out.

Just forget that SERENITY ever happened.

– Ian S.

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