WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES co-hosts, Elysabeth Gwendolyn Belle (the A.C.E.) and Robert Meyer Burnett (the Duke of Dope Discourse – among other things) have asked Imagination Connoisseurs to present their suggestions of films to review during the month of February.

Here are the basic guidelines for how Elysabeth and Rob will be considering movies to review in February. All Imagination Connoisseurs are invited to submit their films (and make their case). We will be announcing films throughout the month on the ELYSAVIEWS Facebook Page and here on the website, so check back to find out if you’re suggestion has been selected!


How the nomination process works

1.) If you want to recommend a movie to Elysabeth and Rob, post your recommendation to the ELYSAVIEWS Facebook page – we will not consider recommendations made via chats during livestreams, comments made on YouTube posts, tweets via Twitter, Instagram posts or Facebook posts outside fo the ELYSAVIEWS page.

2.) In order to make it easier for Elysabeth and Rob to monitor, we ask Imagination Connoisseurs to follow/like/join the ELYSAVIEWS FB Page.

3.) Please be sure to include a photo with your recommendation and make your “case” as to why you think your recommended film should be featured on WINE-ning ABOUT MOVIES.

4.) All recommendations will be reviewed by Rob and Elysabeth and it will be up to them to select the films they’ll review.

5.) There is no voting on the recommendations, but the number of “Likes” and additional comments made on a proposed film will be taken into consideration when Elysabeth and Rob make their final watch list for the month.

6.) The list of films to be reviewed and the dates of the reviews will be pinned to the top of the ELYSAVIEWS Facebook Page.


When will suggestions be considered?

You can start making your suggestions and recommendations now. Proposed films will be considered until all of the available show slots are filled (probably around February 10). Once the schedule is full, we will make an announcement to the community to let you know.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions.