Imagination Connoisseur, James Woodall, writes in the express his fondness for Star Trek, THE RIGHT STUFF and so many of the things that makes ROBSERVATIONS and The Post Geek Singularity to most inclusive fan community on the Internet. Welcome to the PGS, James, we’re glad you’re here.

Good Afternoon Rob,

This letter is in response to your latest episode on YouTube #343. Loved it!

I also have a dog and she likes to bomb my videos in the background, so I understand and I think having the dogs around is awesome.

I also completely agree with the technical manual and encyclopedia you mentioned for Star Trek. Do you remember Star Trek: The Magazine from the early 2000s? I collected this magazine monthly at my local Barnes and Noble when I lived in Las Vegas and have all the editions except the very first one!

I loved this magazine and I think TREK YARDS on YouTube is a wonderful continuation of the ST: Magazine especially with all of the ships of Star Trek.

You and I are very similar – in age and just everything you talked about today: religion, THE RIGHT STUFF, and just letting everyone have their own opinion and be content with that opinion.

I remember the AOL Star Trek Chat Rooms and the Compuserve Chat Rooms from that era. Everyone couldn’t wait to meet up and discuss Star Trek. It was just nice to be able to chat with other like-minded individuals who loved a TV franchise as much as you did and not be judged for it.

I own Woodall’s Fitness and Performance in Clayton, NC and I am also a cancer survivor. I’ve started documenting my journey (YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter), which is exactly what you mentioned at the beginning of this episode. No one will know your journey unless you tell them and everyone has a journey.

When you referenced the movie THE RIGHT STUFF, I was reminded of one of my Rotarian members here in Clayton, NC who was a Navy SEAL during the Apollo missions and actually was in the water helping the astronauts once they landed in the ocean. He has an extraordinary story. In fact, he was credited for saving the SkyLab mission by designing a key component for SkyLab that actually saved the program.

I apologize for rambling, but you covered such a wide variety of topics today and just had my mind racing. Really enjoy your Youtube channel and its content. As well as Nerdrotic and the other Fandom Menace contributors. Thank you for your time in reading this letter and feel free to read or post or mention any of my social media platforms.

Would like to meet to you one day just to shake your hand.

Your fellow Star Trek Fan,
– James Woodall