The Team behind The Burnettwork

Since launching in 2019, The Burnettwork website and the Post-Geek Singularity has been a joint effort led by Robert Meyer Burnett and his business partner, Mike Bawden. But very early on, Rob and Mike realized that it would take more hands and more hours to make the community everything they wanted it to be.

Fortunately, enthusiastic fans were willing and able to pick up responsibilities and help build the most positive and supporting, fan-based community on the Internet. We’d like to publicly recognize them here.

Interested in joining our team? Let us know. Be sure to tell us where you live and how you’re interested in helping us grow.

YouTube Moderators

“Mayor” Mike Bawden is, actually, the mayor of a small city located in Eastern Iowa. But being the mayor of Riverdale is only a part-time job. The rest of Mike’s time is spent as a marketing and PR consultant, serving clients around the country and helping The Burnettwork grow into a profitable business.

Mike and his wife have four kids, three cats and a historic, 100 year-old mansion overlooking the Mississippi River.


Gregory Smith is a design/build professional who creates costumes, costume accessories, full-scale props and other Star Wars creations to express his fandom and creativity.

As a member of Garrison Titan of the 501st Legion and Alpha Base of Rebel Legion, Gregory uses these creations help these charity organizations support Children’s Hospital and other good causes through costumed appearances and convention displays in the Puget Sound area and across Washington.


“Detective” Jim Boyers is a “real life” detective (retired), having spent 20 years in law enforcement – the last seven as a detective.

According to Jim, he was born, raised, spent his career and currently resides in Kentucky. He’s the father of 5 and a very proud grandfather of 8. Jim says he’s honored to be a part of our moderating team and a proud member of the PGS.

Jim says he enjoys being able to spend his evenings chatting with other Imagination Connoisseurs during the shows.

Jordy Lyons has worked in the broadcast/film industry for nearly 30 years. He currently serves as a company director of 2 companies – one that works in broadcasting and the other works closely with the film industry offering full service support for cast and crew.

His company has worked on some of the biggest series in the world and films such as BRAVEHEART, SAVING PRIVATE RYHAN, TITANIC and THE FUGITIVE. Jordy is a huge movie buff and brings that passion to the Post-Geek Singularity.


Lewis Yu has been a film lover since childhood. He loves all movies genres including documentaries, shorts, animated, and foreign films. When he is not too busy with life, he loves to randomly pick some movies and spends the whole night watching them.

Lewis lives in the Los Angeles area and is currently working on making traveling plans to drive across the US and visit other parts of the country.


Social Media Moderators

Richard L. Wilson, known as TheRichard, is a lifelong visual artist, painter, and designer. He helps moderate our Post-Geek Singularity group on Facebook.

According to Richard, he is curently pursuing not only his filmmaking dreams via travel videos, but also his lifelong passion of tabletop board, card, and roleplaying game designs, in which he dreams of getting all official licenses and professional backers, and production.

You can enjoy some of Richard’s artwork in the Gallery of the Imagination Connoisseurs by clicking here.

Dan Vacura helps keep the discussions going on the Post-Geek Singularity page, too.