Advertising and promotional opportunities

The Burnettwork is a new media platform focused on an audience that is often overlooked by advertisers and the brands they promote. Genre entertainment enthusiasts (also referred to as ‘geeks’) cut across all of the major age demographics (teen to late-50s, generally) and have considerable spending power. The Burnettwork’s unique approach to this audience has attracted thousands by providing a friendly, supportive, inclusive approach that encourages engagement.

And that approach is fertile ground for new and re-established brands to gain traction in the hurly-burly world of data-driven, digital marketing.

Following its launch in January of 2019, The Burnettwork has experienced explosive growth (12-15% per month) and the growth curve doesn’t show any sign of letting up soon. Advertisers who partner with The Burnettwork now can lock in to low rates and category exclusivity before larger, more established brands discover the power of the “Post-Geek Singularity.”

All advertising inventory is controlled by The Burnettwork and is not available through any conventional advertising networks (i.e. Google AdSense, Double-Click, etc.). 

Contact Mike Bawden for a proposal on how The Burnettwork can be put to work for you.


Promotional inventory available and rates (as of 05/01/19)
On-Site Display Advertising  $ 4 – $ 6 CPM
Social Media Sponsored Posts $ 8 – $ 15 per post
In-Video Sponsorship (3 mentions)  $ 12 – $ 24 CPM
In-Video Review (2 – 5 minutes) Negotiated
In-Video Mention (1-2 mentions) $ 5 – $ 16 CPM
BurnettBox Sampling $ 150 – $250 per box
Newsletter Advertising $ 50 – $ 80/ad
On-Location Stream (appearance fee) $ 180
Event Appearance $ 500 (+ expenses)

NOTE: Rates and inventory subject to change without notice. Promotional campaign deliverables, rates and terms are all subject to final review and approval of both client/advertiser and The Burnettwork.