Gilbert the Gilbarian (from the Planet Gilbaar)

If you’ve ever had a dog, you get this.

RMB and Gilbert teamed up in February of 2018, when Gilbert was just a pup (Gilbert was born December 6,2017).

Rob had never had a dog before and now, after more than a year of hijinks, the two of them are true partners in crime – and can be found frequenting restaurants and outdoor cafes in Pasadena where one of them drinks a refreshing beverage from a glass and the other from a bowl under the table. (We’re not at liberty to discuss who drinks where.)

Rob recently sent us a series of photographs he’s taken of Gilbert in an obvious attempt to win his companion’s favor away from his girlfriend, Elysabeth, who – from what we can tell – is the one who feeds and picks up after Gilbert (and Rob, for that matter).

All in all, it’s a win-win-win? arrangement that makes for constant amusement and adventure during every Robservation podcast.

Oh yeah, about that cat.

An observant observer of the Robservations podcast may occassionally catch a glimpse of a black and white feline skulking in the background. Don’t be alarmed. Rob is not being stalked as prey – although, we have to admit, he’d make a solid buffet.

No, that predator is none other than Gilbert’s arch nemesis, SkippyJon Jones.

And nobody keeps SkippyJon in the corner, especially if there’s tuna in the cat food bowl.